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So, I think I would borrow a page from Jack Kirby & the DC Animated Universe for my Superman arc, if I ever had a chance to reboot the story. I wouldn't meddle in the guts, but I would use Project Cadmus (combining the DNA Project, P.R.O.J.E.C.T & Star Labs) as the bridge to interconnect a lot of the plot points. Attempts to clone Superman just make narrative sense. Bizarro is the first, failed clone, the crazy mixed up backwards clone. I don't think you should remove his cartoonish nature-- that is to the character's strength-- but just use Cadmus as your origin point. After a failed attempt, & a hostile takeover by Lex Luthor, attempt two is mixing human & Kryptonian DNA, resulting in Superboy. As an aside; I always thought a good Nightwing story-- given the Kryptonian legacy of his name-- would be a "Birthright" story where Nightwing goes on the offensive against Luthor, with the payoff being that he finds the research on Superboy & reverse engineers it as an anniversary present for Superman & Lois Lane. Anyhow, with the Superboy success, you could include an animal trial, either before & after, & bring in Krypto the Superdog that way. Personally, I like Krypto as a Kryptonian Laika, but your mileage may vary. Finally, I'd have Project Cadmus deliver a result; a fully functional Kryptonian clone, with one minor tweak; an X chromosome instead of a Y, resulting in Power Girl. You could include Doomsday in there, if it seems dramatically appropriate, as the final apocalyptic result of Cadmus. Kara Zor-El I think you keep as a Kryptonian refugee who starts as Supergirl & grows into Superwoman & with the aforementioned "Birthright" story I think eventually you could bring Lara Kent in as the new Supergirl. So, anyhow, that is what I've been noodling about in the back of my head, lately.
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