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The Singularity.

Monday was a big day for hanging out Terra. We went to lunch with my friend Cherise & ate some Vietnamese noodles while busting some nerd talk, & then after work she came over & we watched The Black Hole. Actually, after the Hélio Oiticica exhibit, our plan was to watch Silent Hill but I couldn't find it on Netflix or on demand or to rent online anywhere, so we went with our back-up plan. That movie is super weird; I think it isn't hard to agree that the robots are easily the best part of it, though Maximilian Schell's Doctor Reinhardt has a great craziness & has the best line with "protect me from Maximilian!" I had one of those "turn the page" books with a record when I was a little kid & it always confused me; the pictures had them in a jungle, covered in snow, & the meteor that rolls along the service tunnel made no sense as a contextless static image. Rewatching it, things hang together much better, & it is crazy how clear the Space Mountain connection is. I don't think the ending is that mysterious; throughout the film the black hole is described as Hell; references to Dante's Inferno abound, even a mention of a "shiny red man," which prefigures the transformation of Reinhardt & Maximilian. It is also explicitly called "the mind of god" & is strongly alluded to be a sort of heaven. That said; we go through the black hole & hear all of our character's thoughts, including Doctor McCrae thinking "he killed my father." She has ESP, as well, making the ability to communicate thought coherently part of her toolkit. That is when we see a disheveled Reinhardt-- long hair & beard, as time is screwy in the black hole & he went in moments ahead of them-- merged with the sinister robot Maximilian. How great is Max? So great. The hybrid stands triumphantly on a Hell. I mean, if the fire wasn't enough for you to accept it was hell, how about the legion of lost souls? Is the cyborg Maximilian-Reinhardt the new Devil? The original Devil, since time is screwy & Reinhardt's sin was definitely Pride? I mean, they do have shiny red skin... Regardless, the ESPer is then shown leading the crew out of the black hole, through corridors, & out into space. Back to Earth? A new habitable planet? That isn't clear. Anyhow, maybe we should watch Event Horizon next, keep a black hole theme going!
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