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Cage Match!

But that's not all! I've been so friggin' social it isn't even funny. Or is it? Maybe I'm laughing maniacally while I type this, maybe I'm muah-ha-ha-ing while tickling these keys like a mad scientist playing a colossal church organ! On Friday I met aslant for the first time, after knowing her online for a decade. Remember a decade ago, when you'd meet someone you knew online & people would freak out about it? "How do you know they aren't a gasp serial killer?" Anyhow, we got lunch at Boqueria-- I had a sandwich with sardines, apples & goat cheese that was good, but I could only eat half of it. There were...a lot of sardines, & while I like sardines they are...potent. Then we walked down to Washington Square Park & sat at the fountain, where she took the above photo of me. Then from there it was to hang out with Kat, Brian, Matt & Jocelyn. I brought a couple of bottles of sake & we burned the roof down. If I thought I was sleepy on Thursday after martinis, I was wrong, because when I got home I was so tired that I fell asleep on the couch watching Punk'd. Gosh that show has been a mess this season, huh? It was fun when Rob Dyrdek figured it out-- he's a polymath!-- but it was pretty out of control by the end. Saturday we babysat Olivia-- her new game is elbow licking-- then I went to the gym & then went to Bridget's birthday party at the Sea Witch. The party consisted of arguing about movies & comic books, as you might expect. Jenny & I had a couple of drinks but left to go see the Brooklyn Pride Parade. We had to run to catch up to the front of it, since seeing the Pride cheerleaders is the highlight of the parade. Then home to watch Underworld: Awakening. Going to bed, Jenny had the hiccups & I scared her to get rid of them-- which worked but made her pretty mad at me. Sorry to startle you! I made up for it this morning by introducing her to the concept of vlookups.
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