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Underworld: Gehenna.

I watched Underworld: Awakening with Jenny last night; she totally zoned out & gave up on it almost immediately, but I was entertained. Not so much because it was good-- it really wasn't-- but because there were good ideas floating around in the soup of it. It is a trope of science-fiction fans to nod your head sagely & say that the only thing that could bring world peace is aliens, so the humans could have something external to fight against. Putting aside the implausibility of that-- humans would still kill each other, humans are so stupid-- putting that same logic into the horror genre is an interesting wrinkle. The human antagonism gives you an excuse to have your vampires murder people & drink their blood. I mean, generally protagonists shy away from that, blood drinking nocturnal marauders included, but actually having Selene fang out is nice; Underworld has always struggled with having vampires that were just superheroes. Same thing with having the werewolves be behind the evil conspiracy; that was a legitimate use of the "human cure" red herring, & having the "cure" everyone was talking about be a cure for silver allergies is quite clever. I guess those are spoilers, but I don't expect that anyone has a burning passion for this movie but hasn't seen it yet. Also, having a giant hulking werewolf is great, & I like adding the gorilla gait to it. The two biggest problems with this movie are...well, the cast & the script, which are...two big problems. Kate Beckinsale is good-- I like her as the stoic action star in these films, & she perches well-- & the little girl playing Subject Two is alright, but everyone else is entirely flat. Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones is in it but even he can't chew on this script enough to make it palatable. He even gets to be creepy with a little girl the way he does with Arya, but even that can't quite click. The cop seems like he almost could be a good character...but he's really squandered. Everything is squandered by the script, really; there is the skeleton of a story here, but the rest of it is all just sloppy. Whoever outlined it-- Len Wiseman & J. Michael Straczynski I'm guessing?-- did a decent enough job, but the execution doesn't come close to living up to it. I would watch a science-fiction "vampires in space" sequel though.
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