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"Undertow is just one of those things people don't believe in, like ghosts & god."

Another of my Legend of Korra reviews; "When Extremes Meet" is up at I know kingtycoon had a problem with the fart joke that is in it, but that seems like a pretty small complaint considering it is an episode that hits the notes of pathos & inner turmoil, a carchase with bending & brawling, topical politics & the creeping horror of bloodbending. There is a pretty lively discussion going on over there that I won't be able to take part in, since I'll be at Book Expo America all day. I especially want fatbutts to go chime in because she thought the "fartbending" was hilarious & I'd value that perspective. So that was my Saturday morning & my Wednesday night; we had Television Night with ranai, fordmadoxfraud, onatopofthings, the aforementioned Lilly, elladorian & James along with his & Lilly's dog Archie. A packed apartment! Too many people to play Small World after we watched The Legend of Korra but the more the merrier when it comes to Cards Against Humanity. I had "pooping back & forth forever," which I showed to Jenny & she took as a declaration of true love. A nice evening! & I'd had a decent day, too; I got a lot of work done & had lunch in the park with Brian & Terra & got a great picture of them playing with the "Pet Sounds" installation. So; a jam packed little Wednesday that is opening up into a busy Thursday, & I've already got some Friday plans. So busy! I went to the gym on Monday & Tuesday & had a decent workout both days, sort of in anticipation for long nights of drinking. Here is hoping I survive till the weekend!
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