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Zita the Crimegirl (56).

Legends of Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke.

Here, Doctor Tophet,
with his porcelain masked face,
seems at home. In space.

I really adored Zita the Spacegirl so I am predictably really happy that there is a follow-up to it. I will admit, I got lost at two points-- when did we find out that the older woman was named Madrigal? I missed that & I was still laboring under the theory that she was a grown-up time-travelling Zita. That, plus when did we figure out that the giant in outer space had a "hero lock" on it? Minor continuity quibbles, though-- over all the story here is really strong & provides an opportunity for Ben Hatke to draw background shenanigans, which is where he really excels. Give Ben Hatke a Mos Eisley situation & he's going to just kill it. I might amend that that to say a Sigil scenario, sine I know the author has a Dungeons & Dragons background & a lot of the "take weirdness for granted" style of worldbuilding vibes as Planescape inspired. Or come to rethink that amendment, Madrigal's disguise has a very "Princess Leia as Boushh the Bounty Hunter" feel to it so maybe I wasn't far off with Star Wars. This story is largely about fame, & infamy, but I have to say "Zita the Crimegirl" doesn't sound any less cool than "Zita the Spacegirl." I eagerly await volume three.
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