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Auf Wiedersehen to Phil.

As soon as we finished player Small World it was time to leave to go to Phil's going away dinner. Aw, Phil! Jenny & I hopped on the train, grabbed a cab & got there ten minutes late, which is totally within an acceptable margin, I think. The dinner was at Edi & the Wolf, an Austrian joint with a sort of similar design aesthetic to Sleep No More. Candlesticks covered in wax, dried bunches of flowers, that kind of thing. Phil had set up the menu; we started with liptauer & herb gervais- farmer's cheese, one with paprika, one with pumpkin seed oil, then pickled vegetables-- baby carrots, ramps, beets, sauerkraut & greens, then pork belly with mustard & greens, & also a salad with baby squash, heirloom tomatoes, basil, mizuna, macadamia nuts with a soy & lemon vinaigrette oh & also flatbread with roasted garlic, mushrooms, raddicho, crème fraîche, mozarella & herbs. Jenny & I drank a bottle of red that was served chilled, but I forget what it was; the website's wine list doesn't have it which is a shame, because she really liked it. We sat next to Michele, who is always nice to see; I like her, I'd hang out with her more if I had the chance. Her dad is pretty famous; Phil works for him & so he was at the going away, too. There was also a couple near us-- Frank & Sarah-- who were our buddies through the dinner. We talked...a lot about Las Vegas strippers? That was sort of the topic of discussion, since Michele had just gotten back from a bachelorette party. Toward the end of the evening everyone wanted me to talk about...Silent Hill? Seriously a lot of talking about Silent Hill since it came up on Thursday! Ask Jenny, I wasn't even hijacking the conversation, everyone was making me talk about it! I sort of directed it to Megan & Liz, at the other end of the table.

Everyone left after dinner except a core crew. Phil just wrapped on the film he was working on for Michele's dad, & Meredith worked on it with him & she came, as did John who was one of the actors in it. So it was Phil, me & Jenny, Michele & her parents, Meredith & John who went to Sing Sing for karaoke. Listen; I don't really have the best singing voice in the world, so I'm not a fan of the "American" style of karaoke, but the private room "Japanese" style is okay. I don't want to embarrass myself in pubic, but I don't mind doing so in front of my friends! Also, all the sake & beer probably helped. Phil is pretty great at karaoke; he combines a good singing voice with a sense of theatricality that is a good fit. Michele is good too, & Meredith had a bit of a showtune vibe, so they all had it locked down. Wait, doesn't John sing a lot in that movie he was in? I saw them screen that, crap, I was like, the only terrible one! Anyhow, not a lot of the music I like was available; you know, no Mountain Goats or Jenny Lewis, let alone the Protomen! Jenny put on "Birdhouse In Your Soul" by They Might Be Giants & we dueted to that; Phil & I sang "Monkey Gone to Heaven," because that was the only Pixies song on the list, & I ended up screaming the "then god is seven!" lyric pretty loudly. Phil didn't actually know the song, so it was mostly me with him as antiphon. I kind of killed it on the Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood" though, until I flubbed a whole verse; still, that is a good song to keep in my back pocket. Phil & I sang a bunch of Queen; "Under Pressure" was pretty amazing if I do say so myself, even though I couldn't keep it straight which lines were Freddy's & Bowie's; "Bohemian Rhapsody" naturally followed. John & I sang some Ben Folds Five-- "The Battle of Who Could Care Less" has a Rockford Files line in it & everyone cracked up, which I only found out later was because Michele's dad produced it. Then, a cab ride home! & the creeping realization: I stayed out till four in the morning?
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