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Syd Mead Has Seen the Oubliette.

I was trying to explain Silent Hill to Terra as we walked to the Syd Mead art exhibit; you know, the creepy radio, Pyramid Head, shadow babies, all that. We couldn't find our way into the BravinLee gallery at first & found ourselves in the Galerie Lelong. Hélio Oiticica's "Penetrables" was on display; a series of installations, physical explorations of Mondrian-esque colour. Notably...a giant maze? With creepy radios whispering about death? We totally were in Silent Hill. The orange juice at the end-- part of the piece-- was laced with LSD, I was sure. Then over to BravinLee, which...has a creepy ancient elevator? & long corridors filled with the sounds of dripping water? Yep, definitely Silent Hill. When we left, there was a small construction mishap, & something heavy fell with a mighty thump & we both just about jumped out of our skins. Other than that; Monday was Memorial Day; I hung out with people & ran some D&D Next, which is what I did Sunday, too. Tuesday! Ah, Tuesday was meant to be a night of decompression & hanging out with Jenny. I went to the gym, settled in to watch the season finale of Cougar Town...& then our sink started overflowing. Like, CHUD-level. So much for relaxing; instead it was stress & turning everything off. Our super fixed it the next morning, pulling out a ball of hair the size of a softball. Not from us, from elsewhere in the building, just clogged in the pipe junction. Swell. Because we didn't get a night to just chill out, & because we saw the crew on Monday, we canceled Television Night & stayed in to watch Game of Thrones & drink rye. ranai came home as I was getting ready for bed & I stayed up later than I meant to talking to her.
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