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Big Bada Boom.

So that George R. R. Martin sure knows how to write a chunk of television, huh? His episodes of Game of Thrones always sizzle, pun utterly intended. I mean, part of it is that he picks the ones that give you the most bang for your buck (puns are intended unless otherwise noted) but part of it is just...well, the dude can write. "Blackwater" was a heck of an episode. Everyone is talking about how much they liked Tyrion in it, but for me the episode is about Bron & Sandor Clegane. Seriously, that bit at the front of the episode where the two of them come this close to a confrontation? Gah, that tense. You don't want to mess with a Clegane, either of them. The Hound was great, top to bottom, from showdown to freakout. I mean, it wasn't quite drunken Sandor making Sansa sing him lullabies but it was a near thing. That...& of course, the big boom. I was worried about that-- can you make green fire look good? I mean, why not just make it napalm & be done with it? But they sure nailed it. Equal parts fireball, mushroom cloud & fireworks...I was impressed. & yeah, I used a picture of it for this post, but I don't think it counts as a spoiler out of context. On a Thursday after the show has aired. I'm saying, if it was a movie it would have been in the trailer, thus it is legitimate. Anyhow, there sure was a lot of Cersi; she's really like "people only ever talk about whether they hate Joffery or Theon more, I want to play!" Alright Cersi, we hate you a lot too! Also; we did a "Fuck, Marry, Kill" for Game of Thrones & my results were Ser Jorah, Jaqen H'ghar & Theon, respectively. I can't really do one for the ladies, actually. Arya is too young to marry, for one thing! Also all the female actors wear blonde wigs that aren't particularly flattering. Anyhow, look at this picture of Catelyn, Jaqen & Daenerys. Or well, their actors. Just look at it. So great.
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