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Calmasis Conniption.

James took this picture of me & ranai at our impromptu Memorial Day Brunch, which ended up spiraling out of control into a whole big thing. The day started with me tagging along with Danielle to go check out half-price movie props at Film Biz Recycling. The place is like an enormous thrift store stocked from theater & film sets; they had an electric chair & severed feet, a giant banana, a giant mirrorball, "tons" of fake concrete & all kinds of other goofy stuff for me to play with. We left after a bit of browsing & met up with Lilly & James for a brunch of burgers & champagne...but if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you probably know all that. The perils of microblogging are that you might get redunant content here & there but if you only rely on the aggregator, who knows what will slip through the cracks? Sorry, life, that is the way the cookie crumbles. We ended up parting ways with James so he could go get their dog Archie, & then we all came over & they wanted to play...Dungeons & Dragons? That is alright with me, sure! By that time fordmadoxfraud had gotten there, so he got in on it, too. I will write up the play report with the game I ran on Sunday for my Oubliette group. We stopped playing when Jenny got home & moved into "pizza party" mode. elladorian showed up & we watched a couple of episodes of Modern Family. It was pretty disorganized & an unintended late night, but a lot of fun.
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