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Kythe. (52)

Imago by Octavia Butler.

Strewn across the rocks,
dead world, Oankali-seeded
& then forgotten.

I don't get it, am I the only one who identifies with the alien Oankali in the Lilith's Brood series? Seriously; I realize that lots of humans would freak out in ways that Butler does a great job of handling-- Lilith's frustrated aggression & angry acceptance, which eventually mellows, & the Resisters wanting to run & live separate, kidnapping human-seeming children, the seduction of the most virulent haters by an ooloi's pheromones-- but there have to be survivors who would be like me. Eager for contact with the Oankali, to be part of cross-species gender, to be eager to have their ooloi partner tweak their genome. I'm surprised that no one fitting that description showed up. I am not surprised that this book was about a hybrid ooloi-- the third gender-- because I predicted it back when I finished Adulthood Rites. The arc, then, starts with the Human Lilith meeting the Oankali in Dawn, then deals with one of her construct children, then finally deals with the first construct ooloi. Seriously though, I'm all for the crooked path of mated Oankali siblings & a mated human pair in orbit around an ooloi; I'm a deft hand at troll relationships, so this Oankali/Human admixture is a breeze. I will say this; the cover of this book, especially viewed through the lens of the "Lilith's Brood" title, made several people ask me if this was romance or erotica. Nope! I think the original title for the collection, "Xenogenesis," strikes the science-fiction vibe better, but really it just needs a less "Romance" jacket. As my final comment on the series, I will say this: I have stated for the record previously that the only kind of aliens I actually give a crap about are shapeshifters & hive minds. The Oankali are clearly in the model of shapeshifters, & thus in my cool book forever.
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