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I think Abed & HILDA might be my "OTP" now.

Well, first, the obligatory cross-post shilling; I wrote a post over at about Kobold Quarterly #21 & "Party of One," the latter of which is a series of Lone Wolf-esque Choose-Your-Own Adventures that I think are really fun. The complexity is low enough that you can play it on the train but high enough that the outcomes stemming from your choices are organic & unique is time you play. Also, there is a picture that looks like cheese handcuffs. I'm trying to encourage people to go comment on it, since while there is a good community of people reading my Legend of Korra posts, the gaming posts haven't quite ignited as I'd hope they would. I figure I need to keep plugging away till there is a paradigm shift & people think of as a place they can go to talk about pen & paper games. So that is life, huh? Scrabbling for people to talk to you on the internet. & forgetting to blog abot Television Night? fordmadoxfraud & elladorian came over first; well, not counting ranai who was here already. You can even see her hiding in this picture of David. & she's in this picture of Maggie too! Then fatbutts, James & their dog Archie, then Jenny! We watched The Legend of Korra & played Cards Against Humanity.

I had a nice lunch with Marie yesterday; a nice olive & anchovy pizza from Eataly. Then last night Jenny worked late-- I've been Jenny-less, & she works late again tonight!-- so I occupied myself. I went to the gym, & even though it was only an hour & twenty minutes I had a really good workout; I did curls with a fifty pound bar in-between benching with a hundred thirty-five, & I felt super tough. Nice! I had bailed on the possibility of a social scene, so at least I got something out of it. I came home then & put on the first half of Toys. That movie is really great whenever Robin Williams isn't on screen. I actually like Williams as a straight guy; he's great as a bitter jaded "Mister Rogers"-type, & I think he can play the creepy serial killer too. His play to be Rorschach in the Watchmen movie wasn't that far fetched, because Kovacs is weird little troll. Anyhow, his "humor" in Toys is basically borderline racist voices, On the flipside, Joan Cusack is basically perfect as Alsacia, with her plastic hair & her paperdoll outfits...& LL Cool J is even better. From the moment you tore your way out of the couch cushions wearing couch-print camouflage, I knew you were awesome, LL Cool J. The rants about food touching, the getting out of the car in the middle of a conversation to sprint back home...those were just icing. To this day I frequently repeat: "Always in training, hundred percent" as the answer to questions about my weird behavior.

Eventually Jenny did come home & then it was great! Because she's great, I like her. Better than I like you. We watched the 8-bit episode of Community, "Digital Estate Planning." I am still blown away by the basic fact that that was on television. I mean, there was a major, primetime show...that was mostly in the form of a video game from the eighties. So great; that sort of thing is exactly why I like Community. A mash-up of Skyrim, Super Mario Brothers Two, Megaman, Minecraft, Final Fantasy & Scribblenauts? So awesome. It was actually a blend of far more sources than that; I can't even begin to track them all, but I wonder if fans on Tumblr have done so? I can't check until I watch the other two episodes that aired last night. I actually feel kind of embarrassed to admit that the only sprite I instinctively recognized was Jeff Winger's signature Mega Man jump; what were the others modeled on? Anyhow, that was dang incredible; after that we watched a little bit of Punk'd but it was past our bedtimes anyhow, so I eventually peeled myself off the couch & tumbled into bed. & to continue the video game insanity, today I got my grubby little claws on the new Protomen album The Protomen Present: A Night of Queen. Heck. Yeah.
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