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White Falls Wolfbats.

Another Legend of Korra review is up over at, & they largely boil down to me pumping my fist & throwing metal horns up for the Wolfbats & Lin Beifong. I really like the community over there-- I don't mean the staff, though I like hanging out with them too-- but the commenters. Some internet communities are tight night, some are cliquish & some are downright toxic, but the people on are typically bright & laid back. I know I sound like I'm shilling & I guess I am-- click my links, aren't I a popular butterfly?-- but I mean it. Don't roll your eyes at me! We'll probably watch "& the Winner Is..." again this evening at Television Night, which is also a-okay with me. So, as to some other stuff in my life? Not much news there. Yesterday I went to the gym after work & had a brief but good workout. An hour & fifteen minutes is starting to seem short-- I want to start endcapping it with another set of cardiovascular exercise but to pull that off I'd have to start leaving earlier, which is unlikely. Jenny is working late later this week, maybe I'll try it out then. After my workout Jenny & I watched a twofer Cougar Town-- which was great & is the rumor true that ABC sold them to TBS?-- & a pair of How I Met Your Mother episodes which were mediocre, as expected. Today? Well I had a late lunch with Terra where I had a couple of barbecue sliders & she had ice cream, & then we cut it short & I came back here & wrote this. & now it is time to get back to the saltmines.
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