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~ATH. (50)

Homestuck Book Two by Andrew Hussie.

The Crude Ogres laughed.
"I warned you about stairs, bro."
Then, SORDed to death.

Good heavens, I am obsessed with Homestuck but frankly I understand that not everyone can be. It is one of those things that is so geeky that I'm not sure it if for everyone, while at the same time being so weird that...I'm not sure it is for everyone. It isn't just any rabbit hole, or even the White Rabbit's rabbit hole to Wonderland. It is something stranger & more eldritch than that...while simultaneously being one of the most important pieces of literature being published. I'm serious-- all the weird "hypertext" post-modern theory that people went nuts for when the internet first entered the academic sphere? Homestuck is the fulfillment of that, without any of the fumbling "seriousness" of earlier attempts. It isn't trying to be a deconstructed narrative using the multitextual platforms that the internet provides-- text, pictures, user input, animation, games-- it just is. It isn't deconstructed, it is deconstructive; it breaks itself & the reader down. So yeah, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm going to get all the Homestuck books. If anything, I was a little sad that there wasn't a Problem Sleuth book for me to grab in a two-pack. Anyhow, fordmadoxfraud has been reading through Homestuck & has come around to my way of thinking, & the moment where it all really clicked for him was Rose confronting MOM, which happens in this book. Now we're cooking with gas! The slow build is neccisary to train the reader, to tune them in to the particular frequency of Homestuck, but in this volume we have John, Rose & Dave, which means three out of four of the first batch of kids. Plenty more where that came from. Oh & let's not forget that the browser "Complete Bullshit" is the best possible spoof of my obsession with Google Reader ever. The book ends with the Act Two animation, which is what I think is when Homestuck really starts to live up to not just expectations, but its potential. The annotations also got me of the GameFAQs is written by "ChaosDemon," & that makes me that Jake English? Or even Lord English? Or are the two one & the same? Questions. & no, Andrew Hussie, I didn't realize that the items in the Wayward Vagabond's bunker corresponded to the four worlds of the kids; thanks for spelling that out, actually.

Tags: books, comics, haiku, homestuck, hussie

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