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Instead of doing anything useful with my Sunday, I spent it watching movies. Well, I did get up & make breakfast, & I did finish reading the most recent Eddie LaCrosse book, but any positive impact I might have had doing that was balanced out by shattering the liquid bandage container, & not noticing. It fell, the bottom was smashed, & I but it back on the shelf, to ooze its sticky sealant all over. With a ton of nail polish removed I got most of the mess up, but there is still a blob on the clear plastic shelf. Anyhow, I decided to skip the gym largely on account of malaise & timing issues; Jenny wanted to watch a movie & then for me to go, but I realized that by the time the movie had downloaded from iTunes & we watched it, it would be too narrow a margin to try to slip into. Besides, I went yesterday; I'll just have to be proactive about going during the week. Anyhow, the first movie we watched was Immortals, because Tarsem Singh directed it & The Fall is ah-mazing & one of our favorites. Besides, Henry Cavill was the star, & I could start forming my opinion about the actor playing Superman. Also, the Titanomachy is my favorite, we all know that, right? Kill your gods, everybody. In a nutshell? Immortals is a better movie than 300. Talk about damning with faint praise, right? That is the nearest comparison, though. I guess that means that it wasn't Tarsem Singh being a genius auteur when he made The Fall, but that he's a director who likes hypersaturated colours & elaborate costumes, but who could make The Cell just as easily as The Fall, you know? After that we watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which was...confusing. There was a lot of sleight of hand to the storytelling; I knew why they were in Mumbai but not why they were in Mumbai, you know? I knew the reason they were breaking into the Kremlin, but I knew that reason because I'd been told it, which isn't super fulfilling. Still, there were some crazy stunts, some of which were a litte too crazy for the suspension of disbelief. After that, we watched Modern Family go to Disneyland & then The Mythbusters try to ride an explosion's shockwave.
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