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("Tor Dot Avengers" by Irene G.)

I feel a bit rattled & out of sorts today, but I'll try to gather my thoughts into some kind of orderly fashion. Wednesday-- was that our last point of contact?-- we had Television Night, starting with of course ranai & then fordmadoxfraud, then fatbutts brought over her dog Archie. Jenny came home & grabbed Kira & Olivia & we spent a big chunk of the evening focusing on a toddler playing with a dog. Then we watched The Legend of Korra & an episode of Cougar Town. "The Spirit of Competition" & some whiskey made for a nice evening. Thursday was the gym; a solid couple of hits there, & then home for the big line-up; Community & Parks & Recreation. Community did another fake-clip show, Shutter Islanding the cast, & Parks & Recreation had the results of the Knope 2012 election. Which was...unduly moving. Friday I hung out with Brian, Jocelyn, Kat & even eventually Matt. We argued about time travel & suchlike, & then I came home. Generally, also, during the week, Terra & I have been getting lunch; the Madison Square food fair is back, so we've been taking advantage of that, & will continue to do so. No on Friday, though; Friday for lunch I went with the people & we restaged the final post-credits stinger from The Avengers. Saturday...lots more Olivia, plus a stint at the gym, & then more Olivia as we went with Kira & Nino over to Robert & Judy's for some huge barbecue. Jenny & I ended up staying awake longer than we meant to, eventually calling Danielle in to watch Money From Strangers, which is a show about putting a price on human shame. It turns out that an American human being's pride is worth under a thousand dollars. If there weren't weird undertones of racism & sexism in the show, it might be worth tuning in for, but also-- well, half the pranks are hilarious, but the other half are like, appalling. As in, yes, congratulations, you are all terrible people, you got two hundred dollars & you ruined like, a dozen people's afternoons, you jerk.
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