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Another of my Legend of Korra reviews for is up, this one about the most recent episode "The Spirit of Competition." I talk about the romance & love triangles of the show, & a bit about the fandom. Specifically, people who're taking their 'shipping grids a little too seriously. It is worth pointing out that for every heartbroken 'shipper there are three people toiling away to make amazing gifs, though, so don't think I'm condemning the fan community, by any means! Just giving advice to the lovelorn. Otherwise, I've actually had a...really busy week, so far. Last night I went to go see The Avengers & then stayed up to watch the season finale of The New Girl with Jenny, Monday night I went to the HBO store & then hung out with Matt, Brian, Jocelyn & Kat in Hell's Kitchen, then night before that I went to the gym & then watched Game of Thrones with Jenny, Kira, Nino, & Kira's sister Alyssa & talked about gingers. Yikes, &, I've lost track of my days. Saturday I think something happened? Heck, I can't remember; I watched Korra & then went to the gym & then...shadows & darkness! Friday Terra came over & we watched the brilliant surrealist masterpiece, Southland Tales. So yeah, a bit scattered & all over the place. I've been on top of going to the gym, three days a week, an average of over four hours total, but I haven't felt really...up to snuff, physically. I started climbing the stairs again at work, that extra oomph should help. I don't know, I feel very...of the moment, or something? It is this stupid new smartphone I got, it has ruined me, all I want to do is use Twitter & Instagram, even though I know that curated content is better than trite social media-- not that I'm knocking trite social media!
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