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Ash Ketchum plus Ashley J. Williams equals EVIL DEAD POKÉMON!

So, I didn't really like this Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones. Or rather, I liked the episode alright but I'm suspicious of it, now. Here is the thing; I don't mind the script deviating from The Song of Ice & Fire books for the purposes of economy of storytelling. Removing the Reeds & bulking up the role of Osha is a fine & reasonable decision. For that matter, I like it when the show takes things that are implicit in the text-- like Loras, Renly & Margery's relationship-- & making it explicit in the show. The problem is with the tweaks & the minor creations. When you start yanking out threads, you threaten the whole tapestry. One or two is fine, but when you start getting a little drunk with the thrill of zigging instead of zagging, you endanger a lot of things further down the road. Like, you make Asha Greyjoy have to be renamed, for instance. Talisa Maegyr may just be a pseudonym for Jeyne Westerling, but if it isn't that is...a silly reworking? An unnecessary one. Even if it is a fake identity, why? Just call her Jeyne Westerling! & why kidnap Daenerys' dragons? To motivate her to go the House of the Undying? Then why spend twenty minutes showing her getting her plans shot down? That is already motivation, there! Ugh. I know HBO had a lot of success in True Blood ignoring the canon of the books, but those Southern Vampire Mysteries are a different kettle of fish; episodic paranormal romance, compared to a serial fantasy epic. I just felt like it was sloppy, & that it started embodying some of the complaints about it that I'd previously thought were more complicated than they'd been stated, things about the nudity & the violence, the misogyny & empowerment. I mean-- I've said before that The Legend of Korra is far more "mature" show than Game of Thrones, despite the "mature" label; gratuitous dismemberment & liberally sprinkled boobies just seems like the Saturday Night Live sketch about the thirteen year old boy as a consultant is true. There have been good nude scenes-- Margery's nudity was used for storytelling, for instance-- & there have been sex scenes, & there have been beefcake-- Theon & Gendry-- & cheesecake scenes...sure. Now we're starting to get into really murky waters, though. The attempted rape on Sansa was a bad idea, because it was a scene primarily created to show that Sandor Clegane is a complicated antihero. Yeah, Game of Thrones, listen. The world of Westeros is brutal & terrible & violence against women is a facet of that, a facet implicitly & explicitly condemned by having female characters with agency. When you use sexual violence as a cudgel to bludgeon a male character into a heroic light? Yeah, that is rape culture. That is terrible, don't do that.

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