August 24th, 2021

Out and about

Came out to the world today, finally. Been wanting to for awhile but you know how messy certain people can be. But anyway, to the social media sights to make the obligatory announcement.

Coming out is actually extremely lame as a social ritual. All day I have to hear people from different parts of my life kind of insult me or do cringy stuff and I have to grit my teeth, make them feel comfortable and safe and make it all about them. Hormones are doing a number on me right now and I barely have the energy to keep it cool with all of that, demanding additional emotional labor to cringe people through explaining that I'm not getting bottom surgery. A weird thing I didn't expect is how many people's first reaction is 'don't you have to see a shrink for months before they let you have that?'. It's the first thing lots of people say.

I'm 41 years old, I'm not a teen who can't handle this kind of shit, honestly I could care less how anyone reacts, I'm five thousand miles way past caring what anyone thinks about anything. It's really just an annoying waste of time on a day when I have other stuff to worry about. Come with me on this amazing journey or be a square, just pick one and get back to me, I'm very busy meeting all these new amazing queer people and making a movie.

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