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The Lips Acquire Stains, the Stains Become a Warning.

Game of Thrones! Well okay, first I had to change my credit card number at the YMCA since the charges bounced on account of we had to cancel our old card due to fraud. Then a work out-- first since I was sick last week-- that was pretty dang timid. I mean to go again tonight. Then some hot wings, the last half of that rubbish "Battle of the Sexes" Mythbusters & then finally Game of Thrones. "Garden of Bones." Joffery continues to be the bestworst, with more Sandor Clegane posing like a boss. The bit with the sceptre...lets just say I thought it was going to take a darker turn & was very relieved when the prostitute was simply beaten with it like a mace. Which is the sort of sentence you write & then go "I guess this stuff is pretty bleak, huh?" Yeah, that Joffery guy; the actor has really managed to pull off both being the most pathetic & the most terrifying, it is a coup. & makes it all the better when Peter Dinklage paddles circles around him in his canoe. We get Littlefinger looking all Roman & being all slimy. More Margery Tyrell looking fly as heck; my continuing hats off to the costume designers. Daenerys gets to Qarth-- team Undying Warlocks!-- but only to exchange some threats & barbs. Still Xaro Xhoan Daxos is in it; like Salladhor Saan, they sort of step sideways around the books in order to cast someone who isn't white, but that is mete with me. Arya is at Harrenhal, which I'm excited about-- the ghost-haunted castle melted by dragons? That is my jam. We meet the new Gregor Clegane, who formerly played The Predator in those crummy Alien versus Predator movies. He doesn't have the same insanity behind his eyes as the last actor, but he does loom well. Oh & is Talisa an incognito Jeyne Westerling, or is it another inexplicable name change? We'll see, I guess. Things end with some real fireworks, as the scene of The Onion Knight smuggling the Red Witch in to the catacombs by Renly's camp segues into a blasphemous birthing scene. Really, really reminiscent of Gerd's character in my first Oubliette campaign, from wardrobe to diabolical pregnancy.

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