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Sable, argent spider urinant with a sable coronet marked.

I mean, so of course Twilight Sparkle has a brother named "Shining Armor," because that is just perfect. Actually, the whole My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Royal Wedding season finale was pretty much barn burningly epic. Just really fantastic; the reveal that Princess Mi Amore Cadenza was the Changeling Queen Chrysalis was really perfectly pitched. The use of negative space, the locust wings, the tattered wrought-iron look...yep, yes please! Seeing Princess Luna watching the heavens while Princess Celestia slept was also a balm to my craggy heart. So yeah, that was Sunday; most of the morning was spent looking after Olivia. She came over at like...nine in the morning? Well, we picked her up & walked her over. Then at two, Jenny went into work & I...hit a wall of the laziness. I fooled around with my new iPhone too much, playing lots of Draw Something. I meant to go to the gym, but my gym pants were in the laundry & then it was raining & I've been sick &...well, things just didn't come together. We ate dinner with Kira & Nino & Olivia-- Kira cooked up some crazy slab of like, grass-fed prime cut beef-- & drank a couple of bottles of wine. We left before we had a chance to watch Game of Thrones-- Nino had an early flight the next morning-- & then we watched an episode of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory & half an episode of Mythbusters while we folded laundry. Hey Mythbusters, this "Battle of the Sexes" isn't good television & it isn't good science; it has the rigor of an elementary school science fair & the gravitas of an offensive drunk uncle. Knock it off. You are better than that. Today I played Jenga with Terra & watched the end of the Avatar: the Last Airbender series finale "Sozin's Comet" while I punched in a ton of data entry.
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