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Mako Reactor.

Oh my gosh all I want to do is watch The Legend of Korra all day long. Why isn't that an option? I feel like it could be an option. Friday at work I was pushing a bunch of words into a database-- brief descriptions of upcoming titles along with comparisons-- & I was able to arrange the windows on my desktop to have Avatar: the Last Airbender playing in the background while I worked. "Tales of Ba Sing Se" & "Sozin's Comet," just to whet my appetite, just to put me in the mood for today's Korra episode, "The Revelation." Oh, did I mention that the villain of the show talks like a mixture of Darkseid & Scott Free? So yeah, that is pretty compelling, along with a bunch of steampunk ninjas making chi-blocking strikes to the chakras. Super cool villains, complete with a plausible third dimension-- seriously, they're targeting violent gangsters? Fine with me if you want to make an example out of the Triads, Amon! I do subscribe to the theory that he's all wrapped up with Koh the Facestealer; I've been juggling that since the beginning. Sure, it is just because of the know, & the spirit powers. I seriously wonder if Mako is going to be gay; I think that would be a great direction, but I don't know if that is what we'll get. Oh! Zuko is still alive, we found that out-- Firelord Zuko! I hope Mei is still alive & they are an awesome old couple. I think they can put off dealing with it for a long time, thus moving it out of the realm of fanservice & into the realm of a respectful nod to the past. Best part? Mako's part-time job at the power plant shooting lightning into a collector. Also, Korra-everything. Before that I watched Young Justice, which was mostly an exercise in watching the teenagers & sidekicks of the DC universe go up against the icons of the Justice League. "Starro tech" is a really good MacGuffin. Ugh, alright, now I have to go clean up the apartment for book club but eek, The Legend of Korra, eek!
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