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The Best Fighter in the Province.

I had some dream about "War Duchess," who was like some beautiful girl who was cloned by aliens or something? Aliens who wanted humans to live in a school like fish, who had aquariums built & couldn't understand why War Duchess didn't want to live in their Sea World tank & form a hive mind. It was weird; a lot of the dream was going up & down these rickety wooden stairs, taking naps, & communicating using only a certain number of letters, like talking in crosswords. Basically War Duchess was like the sea monkey queen from those old comic book advertisements. Anyhow, last night I watched the second half of Scott Pilgrim versus the World. Yep, I sure like that movie! As much as I hated the screwed up twenty-somethings of Girls, I find the screwball twenty-somethings of Scott Pilgrim comforting. In the same way I find The Royal Tenenbaums soothing, actually. In large part because it is about getting better. Ramona Flowers isn't a manic pixie dream girl, she's a former manic pixie dream girl. I don't mind stories about wounded people as long as the story is about how they are stitching themselves back together. Similarly, Scott Pilgrim is a disaster, but that is the point; at some point you have to get your act together. I mean, I sure as hell needed to, so I get it. Also, it has people fighting with flaming swords to video game music, so. After that, while I was watching deleted scenes, Jenny came home & we watched Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. In another world we probably would have watched Punk'd, but Tyler the Creator is a homophobic misogynist so the hell with that kid. Oh & I iPhone? I never really had a need for a smart phone-- I go from my laptop at home to the train where I read to a computer at work & vice versa-- so this is my first one. Post-sick makes me fussy so I spent all night yelling at it. What do people even do with smart phones? From what I can gather, you use it to play Pictionary? Anyhow, I have to finish the last chapter in this book I'm reading, since people are coming over tonight for book club.
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