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Lord Nelson's Mutton.

I wrote a post for about Community that pretty much prefigures my opinions on last night's episode perfectly, even though I wrote it Wednesday night. "Virtual Systems Analysis" is a holodeck episode, which is a perfect example of what makes Community so fantastic; first off, the wholesale embracing of science-fiction tropes by a mainstream sitcom, second off the use of shared cultural heritage to shorthand big concepts, & third all of that being just a set of tools for the viewer as the story delves into a cozy character study. I'm a sucker for stories about alienation-- Superman!-- so of course I enjoyed a psychological piece about Abed. The fact that Annie was the other end of the equation is pure gravy. Anyhow, I rant about it at length over at Other than that, it was the usual "Must See TV" line-up; 30 Rock, which was okay, I guess, & at least hinted that the constant treading water might change. Seriously, I'm bored as heck with the status quo. The Office, on the other hand, veered too much into the awkward uncomfortable humor that I find to be a turn off. Listen, shaming Andy is...first off, isn't that what we've done with Andy before? I'm tired of it, & it is a misuse of Robert California; having him act like this simpering tool is a bummer. That is just it; the whole episode was a bummer. It has been a bummer for too long; learn from Michael Scott! It is time for triumph. Thank heavens for Parks & Recreation being back. Of course Ron Swanson kills at meditation, he is an incarnation of Vajrapani Bodhisattva. Come on now. Plus we get reluctant April coming into her own, Leslie putting the needs of the many above the needs of the few, or the one, we get Tom Haverford laying on silky wisdom, it is just all so lovely. Stakes are high, & next week, more Paul Rudd, yeah? & that was basically my Thursday. Am I leaving out anything? Let's see; well, I watched the big brawl in Matrix: Revolutions while Jenny made dinner. Neo versus all those Merovingian dudes, Morpheus & Trinity versus the ghosts of Jack the Rippers. That movie is unfairly maligned. Dinner was cod & sauteed asparagus. Oh & this morning I was feeling well enough to actually wash some dishes. I'm still post-sick, exhausted as heck, but that counts for something.
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