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Glasya, Malcanthet, Nocticula & Other Demon Hipster Chicks.

onatopofthings sent me Scott Pilgrim versus the World for my birthday, & while I waited for Jenny to get home-- she worked later than her usual late hours-- I slipped it on. I only ended up watching maybe the first third, but yep, it holds up. Actually, I think it does better than hold up; now that it is slightly out of context, you can tell that it has some longevity. The faux-retro elements prevent it from being topical, & the lo-fi effects mean that it won't look dated. I mean-- I liked the comic a whole bunch, I liked the movie a whole bunch when I saw it in the theater & no surprise now-- I like the DVD of it too. When Jenny called to say she was leaving work I ordered ramen from ZuZu & when it got here we ate it while watching a couple of sitcoms. Which is what we did Tuesday night as well; lets compare, just for fun. Last night we watched How I Met Your Mother, which was basically a bunch of b-plots stitched together. Contrast that with Tuesday's The New Girl, in which Schmidt has undergone more character development in half a season than his counterpart Barney has in, what, like seven? Not to mention that The New Girl actually had an a-plot-- baby sitting-- & two b-plots-- pregnancy scare & boss hijinks-- all of which resulted in laughs & poignancy. Advantage Tuesday. The next timeslot rumble is Tuesday's Cougar Town versus Wednesday's Modern Family. Well, Phil from Modern Family made some valiant efforts-- hitting on his wife using that guy dying was awesome & the moon-dad thing was super cute-- but minus all of those points for the dads fighting over which of their gay sons was the woman. I get it guys! There is nothing worse than ladies! Even gay people, as long as they aren't the "woman" in the relationship. Blech. Which is a shame, because Modern Family has tackled this issue before, but much more intelligently-- with Cam & Mitchell wanting to be acknowledged as men, as masculine, & not have that ignored because of their orientation. The thing with the fathers could have been handled that way, but it came out crass & awful. Cougar Town, on the other hand, was firing on all cylinders. I thought it was going to have a trite "family is everything" moral-- imagine my epic eye roll-- but instead it jinked left with a "to hell with 'em" twist. Hey! That is a good lesson to have at the end of your fable!
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