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Little Orphan Any Key.

Being sick means all I've really been able to do is watch television. I've been too weak to sit up & play video games even, so the old boob tube it is. Sunday morning-- when I wasn't sure what was wrong, when I thought maybe a combination of a cold & a surprisingly vicious hangover might be the culprit-- I crawled out into the living room & fell asleep watching My Little Pony, & when I woke up again later, Jenny & I watched some episodes of Full Metal Jousting. I think I took a nap on the floor then-- which sounds nicer than it was. Maybe I should say I passed out shivering on the floor with my glasses still on. When I woke up Jenny & I watched The Muppets, which I thought was pretty cute, but didn't knock my socks off or nuthin', except maybe the end number, when they all sang "Rainbow Connection," & the credits, where they all did "Mah Nà Mah Nà." I suppose we must have done something else, too, but I don't remember what. Oh, Saturday Night Live, which had a fun Game of Thrones parody. We had to cancel our fancy dinner plans, which left Jenny a little crestfallen, but in hindsight was definitely the right call. Remember that year I went for our anniversary dinner with the flu? Anyhow, I don't know what else we did; I was increasingly out of it. Monday I called in sick-- as I did today-- but I managed to scrawl a semi-complete list of what I put into my brainpan. I watched the season finale of Full Metal Jousting-- the guy I'd picked from the start won it, but I wanted to see Fairclough upset the whole thing-- & then I watched Mythbusters. After that I watched the whole second season of Archer & then took a nap. On the floor, but this time I luxuriated on a blanket! When I woke up I wasn't freezing, which is good because it is like seventy-five degrees out here (I was going to use Celcius, but seventy-five sounds hotter than twenty-four degrees). I guess maybe that is when my fever broke?

I recovered by watching Avatar: the Last Airbender. You know, the voice of "actor Zuko" in "The Ember Island Players" was Dante Bosco's brother? & that Dante Bosco is obsessed with Homestuck? & that "actor Katara" was voiced by Grey DeLisle, who normally plays Azula? & that "actor Aang" was Rachel Dratch! Crazy, right? I'd always meant to look that up. & speaking of Homestuck, the recent puzzle-adventure post, "[S] ACT 6 ACT 3", set in the Land of Crypts & Helium, is sublime. That is how I spent my Saturday morning. I know this is disjointed-- bear with me-- I'm still fighting off this influenza. Jenny came home & brought my frozen yogurt from Culture-- I didn't have an appetite for anything, but I craved that-- & we watched Game of Thrones. As predicted Margaery Tyrell is getting top billing. Her costume design is going to be one of the highlights of this show; you know, along with Peter Dinklage tearing up the stage. If Tyrion comes out on top at the end of A Song of Ice & Fire, I think he ought to change his house words to "A Lannister Always Pays His Debts." & oh, yeah, The Maid of Tarth! Brienne! Say what you will-- that she's "Hollywood ugly"-- & fine, but they cast someone with the actual physical presence the role demands, & I think it is wonderful. I felt the same way when they cast Conan Stevens as Gregor Clegane-- that guy is an actual ogre, I'm pretty sure-- but he left the show! I was shocked when I heard that, but then I found out he went to go play Azog the Goblin King in The Hobbit. Okay, I can understand how you could make that call, then. & you know, speaking of Tolkien & George R.R. Martin...I guess Theon is just...the Gollum? Yeah? After Game of Thones we watched that new HBO half-hour comedy, Girls which I pretty much hated. Mostly because I hated all the characters? I mean, I get it, I was a screw-up twenty-something too...but even when I was, I would have hated these people. The whole lot of them, rubbish.
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