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The Plague Dogs of London, 1666.

So I have another post up at about Wil Wheaton's new show Table Top. It is going to have Beth Reisgraf from Leverage on it, yay. Meanwhile the comments thread on my non-satirical modest proposal for increased diversity in Dungeons & Dragons is still ticking along. I really do think it is literally modest though! Anyhow, my birthday was this weekend. My party was on Saturday (as I mentioned) at Mission Dolores. Which is where my party was last year, too; I'm nothing if not a hobgoblin. Bam, Emerson burn! Self-burn. Anyhow, I like doing it that way, since it means that people can come & go & I don't have to do much planning. It was a nice time with a nice turn out! Also, nice beer. I probably could have been more of a social butterfly-- I feel like I neglected some cliques-- but so it goes. I started with a Barrier Spelunker, a darker saison with a licorice thing going on, but not that much of an anise kick. Then a Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin, a cask oatmeal stout aged in bourbon barrels. Yeah, that was a-okay. Then a Wandering Star Bash-Bish-Bock which was-- you guessed it-- a bock, that would have been better earlier in the rotation before the heavier beers got to my palate. I only had a sip of the Allagash Curieux but it was really good, as was the Cisco Brewers Lady of the Woods; those two really stood out. We ducked out with as little fanfare as I could muster & stopped for Jenny to get Culture on the way home. Then...well, then for my birthday proper I was sick. Sick as a dog. Who is this sick dog, anyhow? Presumably the "plague dog." What is the deal with those idioms? Wait, did Richard Adams just invent the phrase "plague dog?" Anyhow, I was sick on Sunday, so we canceled our fancy dinner plans. Sick on Monday & sick today, too. Though at least today I can sit up for brief periods of time...though I think that period is coming to a close.
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