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November 30th, 2015

#MagnetosphereWasRight [Nov. 30th, 2015|10:30 pm]
mordicai caeli
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So earlier this year Jennifer noticed the euro was weak against the dollar & decided to plan us a summer vacation in Europe, since I've never really travelled outside the country, besides Hawaii & Canada...& instead she booked us a vacation in the Arctic during the winter because she loves me & knows I want the forevernight of Fimbulwinter. The vacation is still ongoing-- we are in Helsinki, going to Estonia tomorrow, then eventually Iceland-- but we are back from the Arctic.

We stayed in a Skyrim mead hall turf house the first night with it's own sauna & lavish bathroom. I managed to light a fire & feel like all my years of Boy Scouts were worth something. I also was a master tracker of animals, which Jennifer said was cheating because it was snowy but I never claimed to be Aragorn son of Arathorn or have any levels in ranger. Just the Wasteland background!

After that we slept in a glass igloo! The point is to see the Northern Lights but it was overcast the whole time. That's okay, I saw 'em in Cleveland once upon a time. The glass igloo ruled, but the lack of a shower sucked, even with a public sauna as an option.

Jennifer took this picture of us snowmobiling. It's like a four by four.

We rode horses, too; I rode a Finnish horse & Jennifer had an Icelandic horse. My horse's gait was weird, her's was crazy, as is the case with Icelandic horses. It had to trot a lot to keep up with the bigger horses. I sympathize: trotting sucks. We were with some people who were very horse adept & we said we were intermediate because we'd ridden a bit as teenagers. It was a bit out of my grasp, especially when we cantered, but we kept it on lock down.

Then after a big meal of reindeer-- I had the sautéed reindeer, Jennifer the flank steak-- we went on an Aurora hunt at night in a sledge pulled by reindeer. I say "at night" but it was basically two hours of daylight, four hours of twilight bracketing that, but otherwise dark. It was heavenly, in a literal sense. Dark upon the waters.

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