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June 7th, 2014

★ Jenny Lewis ★ [Jun. 7th, 2014|11:07 am]
mordicai caeli
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[Current Mood |Decompressing.]
[Current Music |crown me king- jenny lewis is not a p-zombie]

So I guess some other stuff happened but cut to the chase & yay Jenny Lewis, my favorite. I've only seen her once before; I'm not necessarily a concert fanatic, & I have pretty curmudgeonly opinions. Notably, I just won't go to your show if it is at a big venue. I have no interest in that, no matter how much I like your music. Since Jenny Lewis tends to play in NJ venues or open for folks, I usually don't try too hard to make it happen, but I am really glad we did. Jennifer & Kuba were good sports & went there early so we could be close to the stage. A lot of new material, which is great, because-- well, it means new material exists. Also some classics: I didn't expect to hear "A Better Son/Daughter" yesterday. The show didn't blow my mind but it did make me very happy. Oh so now let me back track a little. We went to Governor's Ball with Kuba, confusingly on Randall's Island. I knew it was on Randall's Island, & we were going to Randall's Island, but when I mentioned it Jenny was like "are you trolling me?" & inside my head I went ("well, I am starting now!") & teased her about it for a bit. Then a ferry & an island & music! Lots of food truck food; corndogs from Jalapeño Dog, nuggets from some nugget place-- fried food, on a tender stomach, as I'd been sick the day before-- really good corn, Momofuku Milk Bar cookies...basically just better quality fair food, but at least that justified the cost of the concessions a little. Music festivals are fun (Jenny & I had fun at Sweet Life, too), but I wanted to leave earlier than everyone else. I don't care about the headliners: see above re: big venues. We hung out on a hill a bit, picnicking; that was fun. So hold on, what did we see? Well, we missed HAERTS, which is a bummer, because I like what I've heard of them & want to see if it holds steady. We saw Janelle Monae, but mostly at a distance. La Roux, same thing; I guess La Roux is popular? Um, Kurt Vile, which I didn't "get." TV on the Radio was pretty good but we wandered away to see Grimes. Grimes, who I wish I "got," but don't. Then Outkast was last & despite the friendly Kiwi next to us, it was just one of those occasions that reminds you of the stupid casual selfishness of the human species. Opinions on large venues & their ilk: validated. We left, walked across a bridge back into Metropolis, & trudged home sharing a train car with a crazy guy.
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