March 23rd, 2014

lord julius

Weddings, Tattoos & Cabaret.

Social media has made the world a weird place. I don't want to get too deep into it at the moment, but remember how everyone used to think it was weird to keep a blog? Heck, people still do, which is...even stranger? Anyhow, I have a whole thesis on the hierarchy of content creation, content remixing, content resharing & content consumption that maybe I'll finish articulating some day. I bring it up because there are just many different information streams. You could get a sneak peak at the pictures you are going to see here by following my Instagram, for instance, or my Twitter or by being friends with me on Facebook. Heck, you could see more than you'll see here. I guess that is what I want this to evolve to become; something a little more mindful. My Tumblr is a relentless stream of resharing (with some commentary), my Twitter & Instagram I feel no compunctions about bombing with a zillion pictures, but this is where the stuff that makes it through the filter of laziness to have a better signal to noise ratio. Or well, at least, if you like reading about books & DnD.

I took Thursday & Friday off work for Jessica & Rasheem's wedding. Grabbed a tux-- Vera Wang-- popped up to Penn Station, had a frantic train platform exploration as I tried to find her, & off we went to The Long Island. Met up with Libby in the hotel bar, had a drink & then zip! Off to the venue. Ice luge, that was worth noting. The wedding was lovely-- like Kira & Nino, they went with a pretty hippy officiant-- & the reception was a lot of fun. Photobooth with costumes, goofy light shows-- I like goofy light shows-- good dancing, shots, everything you could want. We were befriended by Rasheem's buddy from college, Anita, but she did not get into any wedding hookup shenanigans, not for lack of me trying. Back to the hotel late & drunk as skunks, & the rail road in the morning with fordmadoxfraud & Libby. Home was...much needed. Jenny slept all day, David came over to work & I played a little Dark Souls 2 & got some work done. Oh & we watched Frozen-- the opening number was fun but otherwise I wasn't a big fan-- & Austenland. I like Shannon Hale but the movie was only blah.

So Saturday was like another going away party for David? Basically. Since Libby is moving out to California, that is one less reason to keep up the bicoastal commute! We'll probably not see him till July Shenanigans. It started out as brunch with fatbutts & James, but when the waiter got Lilly two-fisting it, it was on. Walked back to their place, grabbed a dog & grabbed booze, walked to the art supply store to buy India ink & a needle & thread, & then James started doodling. Came up with a squat little television that Jennifer liked, with a few tweaks, & then David tattooed it on the back of her leg with the stick-n'-poke method. Then the same thing was repeated with Lilly, only she got a skull with the letters "T.V." instead of eyes. Take a deep breath because we're still not done; we shoo'd everyone out & then headed to go see Cabaret! Alan Cumming reprising his role as the Emcee, Michelle Williams as Sally Bowles. Verdict? Alan Cummin is still hilariously as sexy as he was twenty years ago-- good work on that, sir-- but Michelle Williams sounded a little too much like someone doing a British accent. The crowd was an older, Broadway crowd, & there was some grumbling by an old woman in the middle of the show, but very fun to be able to see it again with Jenny.