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The Examined Life.

I guess my blog is mostly about me, roleplaying games, books & television, in that order. I just like to live an examined life; I pay attention to the media I consume. Mindfulness, right? Well it has been a pretty good television blitz this weekend, I'll tell you what. Lets start with Thursday, since I already covered Wednesday. Part two of the Community blanket fort episode, "Pillows and Blankets," a Ken Burns-esque documentary about the events surrounding Troy & Abed's disintegrating relationship, with a b-plot of Jeff & Annie. Some philistines may not have found it funny, but they are clearly...wrong. Chevy Chase dressed up like a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man made of pillow liner being up a pack of children was on television. Community is an epic critique of the sitcom genre outlined in absurdist humor. It is a triumph of post-modern thought. After that there was an episode of 30 Rock, which is fine, I don't mind. It is back from the brink-- for a while it wasn't even funny-- but it has resumed its general C+ rating. Friday was a shortened day at work-- on account of how there are a couple of religious holidays I guess-- but I was just exhausted. I came home & played some GoldenEye & dragged my bones to the gym. I've started playing "Team License to Kill" on GoldenEye so I can get my weapon proficiencies filled up. It means I get less kills but there is something satisfying about blazing away on somebody with a pistol.

Friday...I don't know, I guess we watched Punk'd. Bam Margera was the host & he...lacks charisma. Tyler the Creator was the first prank. So that guy is a huge homophone & a misogynist, right? So when the stuntdude is on fire, & Tyler uses his phone to video it rather than call 911, you are like "oh yeah, he is the worst. Ronnie from The Jersey Shore on the other hand-- that guy is the worst, too, but when they pranked him by pretending his stylist was taken hostage he actually thought on his feet & was pretty brave. & yesterday! I played video games & then Jenny & I went to Bar Reis to meet up with formadoxfraud for drinks & dumplings. Then Jenny & I came home & made the genius decision to re-watch the first two episodes of The Legend of Korra. They are available for download right now! Oh man, guys, that show is...going to wonderful. I think Tenzin is actually my favorite, right now? I just am so excited by a show that has the "strict teacher" portrayed as a three-dimensional character right from the start. Plus, it cracks me up that J.K. Simmons is the voice actor for him. He doesn't sound like a Neo-Nazi gang leader, the yellow M & M or J. Jonah Jameson at all! Seriously, his voice work is great. Because everything about it is great.
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