October 18th, 2013

wardlock thinking

All These Moments Will Be Lost...

Ah, I've already let too much of my week slip away, I've lost it, just whoosh, right through my fingers. Oh, Saturday, let me start there, & maybe I can piece my way forward, retrace my steps, reconstruct the scene of the crime. Saturday we babysat for Olivia, of course, & I think I was maybe productive, like, did I write or something? Maybe. I'm due another Tor.com catch-up post. We decided to have dinner with Kira & Nino on Saturday instead of Sunday, for kicks, & ended up cutting loose a little more than we already do, since we didn't have to be at work the next day. We played Dixit, a French story game that I'd only played once before-- I think, maybe I am lying & I've played it twice before-- & hilariously enough, Nino was the best at it. You wouldn't naturally think "French story game? Right up Nino's alley!" but here we are. Then Sunday! I hustled all morning, getting some more work done, going to the gym, that sort of thing, & then my brunch plans up & got cancelled! Carla was in town, & so I shouldn't be surprised that scheduling was...fluid. Anyhow, Jennifer went out with her for dinner, while I stayed home. I did go out after work on Monday to meet up with her & Cindy & the crew; there were some of her other friend & Jason & Kevin rolled in as I was leaving. Jenny stayed out all night with them, but I'm an old fuddy-duddy, I bowed out early. Then fast-forward past Tuesday-- nothing happened, I don't think?-- to Wednesday, & Television Night. Beauty & the Geek makeovers! With fatbutts & James. Gilbert loved only ovals-- beard & curly ginger hair one oval, badly fitting clothes another-- but when they shaved him & dressed him it turned out he was pretty much a beach jock underneath? Fun. Last night, Thursday, I hung out with another regular crew, the Matt, the Brian, the Jocelyn, the Dave, the Kat. I got Jenny an engraved Guinness glass with her motto-- Top It Off!-- & left just as the baseball game was starting. So that...is what I've been up to. Oh I hooked up some friends of mine on a date & I think it went off well; I like playing meddling matchmaker! Oh, onatopofthings was here! I don't know if I mentioned, so that was fun, too.
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