September 2nd, 2013

scary friend

Lobster Day Weekend.

Nothing can put me to bed quite like a beach day. A little bit of exercise, a little bit of sunburn & I'm out like a candle. Went to bed at like, nine o' clock, woke up at like, nine-thirty. So that was a nice bit of dreamland under my belt, & not a single bad dream that I remember. So yesterday; roll out of bed, pick up some bagels for breakfast & then Jennifer & I piled into James & fatbutts' station wagon with fordmadoxfraud & Libby & set off for Jacob Riis beach. The water was dirty-- both with sand & with litter-- & stinky, but still! Beach day! There are storms around Metropolis, which is kicking up the stuff that normally lurks at the bottom of the ocean, rotting stuff, garbage, dirt. Oh well; we played Yahtzee & I got some decent bodysurfing in...until I bodysurfed too good of a wave. It carried me in all the way to the beach. You know how the beach is sand, broken shells, rocks, sand? Because of the way the surf kicks stuff up? Well, I just got scraped off the wave by the layer of jagged shells. Tore up my chest & poor little nipple. Just scrapes but you know, in salt water, so ouch. We left there for a local seafood joint, in FMF's old neighborhood, & we all ordered a pound & a half of lobster, every last one of us. It was murder in the first degree! Willful & premeditatedly delicious. Then home where I more or less collapsed into a puddle of playing Skyrim in a half-awake haze. Mauga gro-Dovah is level 95, after re-setting all my skills, & now I'm Thane of Falkreath & Hjaalmarch. I'm building houses & hoping that my steward-- I promoted my housecarl Rayya-- finishes furnishing it so I can adopt this little orphan who sells flowers, in honor of Aeris, from Final Fantasy VII. I changed Mauga's make-up again; I like having the option! Okay; now I have to go get ready for a picnic.