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mordicai caeli

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August 17th, 2013

SDF-3. [Aug. 17th, 2013|08:19 am]
mordicai caeli
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[Current Mood |Edbury & Kevin not pictured.]
[Current Music |crown me king- roman country music]

Our barbecue came off really well. It was Jennifer's idea to begin with, & a genius one. We didn't know how much free time we'd have during the trip, & so rather than pull our hair out running all over town trying to meet everyone, why not make the mountain come to us? I mean, where we are staying is so nice, it would be a shame to waste the little balcony & grill. So, after we went to Google to hang out with Reigh for lunch, we went shopping. In the aisles, just as I was (sort of obnoxiously) telling Jenny not to be suckered in by impulse buys, we rounded the corner into those spongies. You know, those little multicoloured pills of plastic that expand into fuzzy dinosaurs in hot water? Back in ancient days, Reigh & I were rock climbing in the Wasteland & when we came back to her car it was surrounded by cops & park rangers. What the heck? It was because they thought the sponge capsules scatteded on the dashboard were drugs. Sorry to disappoint, officers. So anyhow, of course we bought them. The group started rolling in around seven; fordmadoxfraud & Bernie were first up, followed by Esmé & Chris, then Reigh & Andrew, then the vegans Edbury & Kevin-- who I failed to grab a snapshot of-- & then when we thought all hope was lost, Zach! There were propane adventures, Reigh brought ring pops, rubber ducks & robots, Bernie invented putting grilled asparagus on your hot dog, FMF's "piercing blue eyes" & "strong workman's hands" comments, it was a pretty fun night & we didn't break anything, phew, knock on wood, throw salt over your shoulder, etc.
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