June 29th, 2013

sith lord cometh

Partytown, USA.

Oh ooph, I can definitely tell that I was up too late & that I drank too much. Yowza. Yesterday was a jam packed little half-day Friday. I left work & got lunch & a drink at Beecher's with Nicole. We split a thing of macaroni & cheese & a sandwich, & then I had one of those 23 Skidoo drinks with the Laphroaig in it. She bounced to a hair appointment & I met up with Brian to rent a couple of Citibikes. It was fun! I think I might want to go ahead & get a membership. Biking through Union Square was a little nerve rattling but yeah. Funtimes. I even rode passed Jennifer, though I didn't see her; she only saw me. I thought someone said my name though! That ended up with us going to Kat's to meet up with her & Matt. Hung out there for a little while & then had to make a call. Try to go to Williamsburg for the work barbecue that Jenny was at, or go home, or go out with the group to the next phase of hangouts. Well, margaritas it is! Joined by Jocelyn & then Dave, Jordan, Sareen, Toy, Phil, Monica & Echo. So many margaritas. My very sour belly is telling me too many. Then back to Kat's apartment for a few hours-- talked a lot about Sleep No More-- then! Even another phase. Down to Matt's apartment for a bit; then finally exit, pursued by a bear. Got home lickity-split & then settled in to wait for Jennifer to come home; she did & then we hung out. & now I really feel it. Woke up at five in the morning, for one thing & now I am nauseous with a headache. Even better? I'm supposed to do the whole thing over again tonight! But first, there is a cleaning service coming this morning, & Jenny has some other plan, I forget what it is. I want to go the the gym today but I'm too hungover to think about it right now. Instead I've been messing around in Skyrim.
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