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June 16th, 2013

Oaks. [Jun. 16th, 2013|08:21 am]
mordicai caeli
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So yesterday was pretty fun, though I'm certainly suffering under the effects of that fun's aftermath this morning. Let me do it in pieces, because the idea of writing everything all at once sounds aggravating. In the morning we babysat Olivia, bouncing between our apartment & Kira & Nino's apartment. So yeah, kids are crazy, I totally am into it. Olivia often wants to talk about "oaks." Did I tell this story? I was at work when I got a message from Kira asking "what is an oak?" Context please, I asked. She said she was drawing things for Olivia, like Olivia would request them & Kira would draw them, & Olivia asked for an "oak." When asked to describe it she said it has "big teeth & has long hair. I like scary things now." OHHHhhh, I get it, she's saying "orc!" So I sent her some pictures of orcs. That wasn't a passing fancy, though! Today she was looking at Vines of orcs-- specifically my Skyrim orc, Mauga-- & really digging it. I was getting Jennifer's summer clothes down from the closet & filing away some new miniatures, & Olivia was curious, so I started showing her some of them. She things dragons & dinosaurs are pretty cool, but mostly she just wants to look at orcs. So I taught her that orcs go "waaagh!" Which is pretty awesome. When we finished & put them away, I went to the gym. I've been slack about working out; I've been doing it, but not pushing myself. I think I've backslid on a few exercises. Anyhow, I'm sort of trying to redouble my efforts. Then I came home & started preparing for book club. (Photo by Jennifer.)
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Everything from the Ting Tings to Ted Leo & the Pharmacists. [Jun. 16th, 2013|11:54 am]
mordicai caeli
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I don't...I don't really understand last night. I mean, I had a revelation, a moment, like a piecing bolt of lightning, where I wasn't a sociopath? Where I was like "it is like all of these people...have stories when they leave here!" Jennifer totally busted me not being a solipsist for a minute. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. Yesterday was the Eleven-Books Club meeting for Jennifer's book pick, Art Girls Are Easy (my review) by Julie Klausner. After we babysat Olivia, people started coming over. First fatbutts, then carmyarmyofme (her review is here), followed by littlewashu (her review here) &...this is it. None of our new members have made it yet. We did get to pipe in fordmadoxfraud (his review here) via Google Hangouts. Terra was flying back from Borneo to China, so we haven't tried out two people on Hangouts, though we have enough computers that it might not even matter. Anyhow, we only had so much to talk about; we all disliked it, pretty much all for the same reasons. I mean, we spent an enjoyable hour picking it apart, though. We drank a bunch of wine & beer, & I picked the next book, The Hum & the Shiver, by Alex Bledsoe. I really like those Eddie LaCrosse books, & onatopofthings really liked Hum..., so I have high hopes. This is where...things get a little more confusing.

Lilly was all "let's do karaoke! I know a place just around the corner!" & Carmen was all "my baby is all set on breast milk, I planned it out so I can get drunk tonight, let's do it!" & then...Jennifer was like "okay we'll come too!" & I was like..."say what now?" Well if I'm going, Kerry is coming too! Book club field trip! I made it pretty clear I wouldn't sing, though, & no one tried to peer pressure me so that was alright. I will sing at private room karaoke, because I don't mind making a fool of myself in front of my friends, but strangers don't deserve to be subjected to my tone deaf rendition of David Bowie's "Nature Boy" (an actual standard of my set). The place we went was...weird. Karaoke emcees are a world I have never really thought about, though I imagine it is much like ravenface's trivia emcee world. You remember Thursday's Lounge, back in The Wasteland? This place was just like that, only with karaoke instead of dancing. Just a lot of really weird cliques, all overlapping. The rockabillies singing 90s one hit wonders, the "old New Yorkers" singing Frank Sinatra, the...Alan Cummings, who worked the bar. & Shakespierre! Who sang old rap songs between games of pool. I was cracking up, "this is some wizard shit here!" & it was. What clique were we? Um, I guess "we just left our book club where we read a YA novel we heard about on a podcast with our friend on teleconference." A funny crew of yuppies I guess. Lilly sang her usual set of girl power songs, your 4 Non Blondes & Alanis Morisettes. Carmen sang a couple of Patsy Cline songs. Jenny sang "Creep" by Radiohead. Pretty fun! (Photo by Carmen.)
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