March 10th, 2013


Infinite Date Night.

So, a week ago Jenny set us up with How About We for Couples. I think regular How About We is like, a dating website, where you see dates that are offered online, pick the event, & then are paired up? I'm not entirely sure; what the couples version does is suggest date ideas for you. I think the real trick here is that it is a subscription service; you pay them, & in exchange a lot of the smaller dates they offer you are for free. We had a whole mess of cupcakes at Butter Lane with some hot chocolate, then we got tapas & churros at La Churreria the other day, for free! Well, tip not included. Still, you know, people grumble (correctly) about Facebook that you aren't the customer, you are the product. Well, pay for stuff, then, & be the customer! That is why I pay for LJ & Flicker; because I use them & I want the subscription model to work for them. I mean, the flip side of this is the hell with paywalls, but then, I'm certainly not saying advertising doesn't have its place. Anyhow, what was I saying? Oh yeah, just that having built in date nights is nice! Even though we're tightening our belts over here in a big way now, I think we're going to keep it, as a lifeline to the outside world. Gosh, I bet this post doesn't make any sense; I wrote it as I was waking up, without any coffee. Um, I'm just going to post this & then go play video games or watch cartoons or something.