February 26th, 2013

call of mordicai

Double Oh Series.

Skyfall was just too long! I don't mean as a movie, even, I just mean "as I thing that started at 8:30 PM on a night I was planning to go to bed early on." Still, I liked it. My day was sort of rubbish; I had to run an errand in the morning, then work, then the gym, bought some hot wings only to find out that our hot wing place has gone from great to terrible. Then, though, Jenny decided we should watch a movie, which I was surprisingly in the mood for. I don't really like movies, as a format. I like books & television, & half hour television more than hour long television. Anyhow, we decided to watch the new Bond flick. First we took a break to talk about masculine power fantasies. Like, obviously the normalization of that is hugely problematic, but then also, it isn't like James Bond is surprising anyone by being a masculine power fantasy, & I think you can channel that into good storytelling. Go go alpha male! That sort of segued into the "diversity" of the films, where there are bad-ass women, but they behave as though they are hypermasculine or hyperfeminine. Like, either their gender doesn't matter, or their gender defines them. Bond Girls have to be good or bad, but only Bond can be both. Anyhow, I'm not even opposed to the "meet the girls, same as the boys" in fiction, except for you know, concerns about devaluing "the feminine." Damned if you do, damned if you don't? I don't know, we weren't seeking to judge it, just talking about gender roles in context. As for the movie, well! I liked it. I liked it for the winks to the past, & I liked it for having the guts to explore Bond's background (he's Scottish Bruce Wayne, of course he is). I liked it for having really great lighting. I would have really liked it more if they'd called Silva "004" or something. I think it probably fails on gender issues, given how things turn out with the women of the story, but then again, having Dame Judy Dench in your movie being tough as nails counts for something. Anyhow, I found it enjoyable & thought it made up for the last one, which was a dud. By which I mean, inert, harmless, with no punch. I'm also curious about how all James Bond movies turn into a meditation on aging.
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