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Seatbelt Safety.

Shut up, I know, I haven't really been paying attention to my life either, so I don't blame you. I have just sort of been flitting about, an inky tinkerbell-- tinkerbeau?-- & nothing momentous has happened since Sunday. Nothing I felt like babbling on about, anyhow. Like, Monday night? I don't even know what we got up to. My distaste for hour long television programs has become almost neurotic, so all we really have to watch are a bunch of Storage Wars: Texas. Regular American Storage Wars I like, but the Texans are missing the important qualities of charm & likability. Still, it turns out I'd rather watch three episodes of that than a single episode of Awake, which is a show that theoretically I find interesting. Jason Isaacs is "cast" as one of the major non-player characters in my Oubliette campaign & the premise is interesting...but I just hate the hour-long format. Then Tuesday I hung out with Matt & Kat before Kat heads to Chicago. I met a friend of theirs that I am convinced is actually secretly Steve Buscemi, or anyway I would be convinced if Buscemi didn't live in my neighborhood & not Manhattan. We just hung out at Kat's apartment mostly, eating fish tacos. Also, I shouldn't leave out my lunches with Terra, since that is a core part of my social schedule. Then last night was Television Night! Though America's Next Top Model which is a bummer. We watched a little bit of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, then we started The New Girl, which was sort of the main course for the evening, somehow. Anyhow, Schmidt & Cece are adorable, of course, with Schmidt's "right on schedule" line winning the night for me. The thesis of that show is basically "so what if Jess is a super twee hipster & Schmidt is a huge douche bag? So what." Which is actually a pretty strong concept, it turns out. I mean-- like I always say, as a dude who wears all black & mostly wants to talk about his Dungeons & Dragons game, I know how it is to be a pretentious twit, what.

After that, it was dregs; Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory is fine, but not going to win any awards. It is no Rob & Big, though I continue to find Rob Dyrdek a hilarious polymath. That dude is the modern Batman, & you've just got to deal with it. Justin Bieber tried to get him on Punk'd & when Rob entered the restaurant where the prank was supposed to go down he immediately said "this lighting is too good, we are on MTV, are we getting punked?" Well played, Detective. & then we watched a Storage Wars: Texas, which turned into me & fatbutts getting into a contrived devil's advocate argument about seat belts that was pretty silly. It was a small group at Television Night (in order of appearance); me, then fordmadoxfraud, elladorian, then Jenny, Lilly & James. Beverages were Peak Organic Hop Noir, Crispin Honey Crisp Artisanal Reserve & a new one, Anchor Brekle's Brown, which I didn't try on account of how I don't like brown ales, really. Oh, you know what? We could have watched Battlestar Galactica if I'd thought of it. Oh well. Then to bed; I had more dreams about The Mountain. The Mountain isn't some raw savage naturalistic setting; it is more an Appalachian place. Remember, the Appalachians were the tallest mountains on land, ever; they are the ones so big that even now after eons have past, they still stand, though dwarfed & diminished. There is a community of people living there; I met another dreamer who hadn't done any of the things he should have. He hadn't been to the mines that stretch into the heart. He hadn't seen the frankensteins that live off the lightning of the hydroelectric dam. He hadn't broken in to The Factory or stayed over night in the haunted mansion. & then there was a time travel portion, trying to time my own jumps through the concrete access corridors with my actions to set up a sustainable predestination paradox.
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