November 18th, 2011

forever sleep

Celebration Ape.

I'm so tired! I don't even know why-- tired inside of the marrow of my bone-machines. Life has just had too much stuff going on! I need to do more less stuff. Being on vacation next week should help with things. Let me see, what happened. I finished Endymion yesterday, & was so charged up that I convinced Terra to come on a lunch-break adventure. We went on a mission to the Upper West Side to the one library in the Brooklyn, Bronx & Manhattan library systems that had a copy of the sequel, & the quest was successful! Then after work I immediately came home to let ranai into my apartment! She's subleasing Spare Oom, so she'll be around for a bit. Jenny came home & that segued pretty directly into dinner at Perch with fordmadoxfraud & elladorian. Supper & cocktails! I had an Old Fashioned & then a Templeton Rye on the rocks. Collapsed into my hibernation creche, & then today had lunch with Internet Friend Paul...& Terra, & Danielle & David. The rotating cast & crew of your dreams! I meant to go to the gym when I came home today, but I I'm done, I can't leave the apartment I don't think. I'm going to drink this leftover Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale & watch sitcoms, instead. I first typed "celebration ape" & now I am all about that, a celebration ape.
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