September 23rd, 2011


The Annie of It All.

Yesterday was a nice piece of old school rest & relaxation! For lunch, Terra & I found this pizza joint called Tappo that had a nice endive salad & thin crust pizza; totally a place worth returning to with a third-- that'd make the lunch special the perfect ammount of food. Then after work I went up to Jenny's work to pick her up so we could go home together. It sort of messed up my plans to go to the gym-- I got home hot & humid & tired-- but it was worth it, because Jenny is my special Married Friend. We're wifed! It is pretty great. We ordered Chinese food & sat down for a night of actual television, which is a real treat. I mean, we've had plenty of shows to watc, but we've also had plenty of mediocre shows we've been using to fill the void between seasons. We started with Modern Family-- the episode about the dude ranch-- that was pretty solid. That segued into Community, which...well, I don't know if you follow me on Google Reader, but I'm sort of obsessed with Community gifs. I like that, in my head, this was a "fairly tame" episode of Community, when it started with a scathing song & dance routine about them being more "calm & normal" & that they would "have more fun & be less weird than the first two years combined." Then of course they dropped "Cougarton Abby" & "Inspector Spacetime, a Doctor Who spoof that would have taken the cake if the awesome 2001: A Space Odyssey homage hadn't also been in this episode. After that, we watched Parks & Recreation, which was notable because, uh, that show is great? Ron Swanson grabbing is go-bag & booking it was sort of my favorite. Just nice to have a chance to kick back & have some high quality sitcoms to soak in with your spouse, know what I mean?