August 6th, 2011



Escape to a cabin upstate, first thing I do is hook up the computer. Gotta stay connected, infomaniac. Let me see; last night was a power push at the gym; an hour & forty-five minutes! Now, I will confess that a solid chunk of that was cardiovascular, but I kept the resistance high the whole time. I didn't do a lot of free weights, since I'm going gentle on my clavicle, but I still managed a decent bit. The fact that I went again today for an hour & fifteen is pure gravy. Basically working out this week is the only way I had to keep myself sane. I came home last night with some hot wings & Jenny & I dug in while watching more My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Jenny says she's not going to play along, but I'm sold. I was talking to Terra about what my cutie mark would be; either a spider or a crown, I guess? Can I do both or is that too busy? Today was the gym, then meeting Jenny in Grand Central to grab a train to head up here! & here we are, with Kira & Nino & Olivia & Donna. Kira & Donna are cooking up grub-- hamburgers & grilled watermelon & salad & who knows what else-- while Nino tries to make us cocktails. Jenny is playing with Olivia, while I occasionally poke my head out at her. It is raining & cool, so we can't go into the pool, but maybe tomorrow. Back to socializing!