June 20th, 2011


Hate Snog.

The only thing I managed to do on Sunday during the day was read comicbooks & play casual games. To be fair, I quite liked the comic I read, & House of Dead Ninjas is dangerously, psychotically addicting. Like Ninja Gaidan tilted on its side so that you are always falling down. Well, I did manage to start Robotech: The Robotech Masters as well, so it wasn't a total wash. & I showered & shaved; in a world where Jenny is out of town, that counts as an accomplishment. Speaking of Jenny, I've been making the bed every morning as a totem of our love. She normally makes it, so it tricks my brain into thinking she's still at home for a millisecond. I cherish that millisecond. Eventually I got dinner from Brooklyn Pub, which wasn't as exceptional as the last time. Skip the burger & fries & stick with the more quasi-Italian portions of the menu next time, Mordicai. After that I walked to go meet Kira & Nino & baby Olivia. We walked over to their apartment-- soon to be their old apartment, knock on wood-- & watched the last episode of Game of Thrones. Eff yeah! I admit, I was a little shaky after the first episode-- I worried at the rape of Daenerys signified a departure from both the letter & spirit of the text, but they really reigned it in. There were lots of rewrites, whole scenes cut or added to the mix, but in the end, they effectively translated A Game of Thrones to the small screen. Kudos to that. The last episode is a coda, after the penultimate episode's climax, but it is heck of a landing. The last image is proof that you can have a woman on television who isn't wearing clothes without it looking purient. She's nude, you know? Not naked, but nude. & bad ass. Olivia is transitioning from three naps to two, so she was up the whole time, & pretty darn cute. Then, just like that, home to bed. Took me a while to fall asleep, but you take what you can get.

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