June 9th, 2011

rock angst

Gargoyles, Grotesques & Seraphim.

So! I would say last night definitely marks the occasion of me becoming a Doctor Who fan. Who of Whoville? Whoovian? Hold on, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. Yesterday was the beginning of the Metropolis Easy Bake Oven Inferno. Ninety-five degrees on Fahrenheit's scale. Today is part two of Global Weirding, hitting ninety-nine. We brave few ventured out into the heat-- myself, Cherise, Brian, Jocelyn & Kat, we all ducked out for lunch & went to Azuki for sushi lunch. Mostly we spent our time talking about Disney World. Brian & Jocelyn just got back & unironically enjoyed themselves, & you know how I like sincerity. 誠-- Makoto! It is a samurai virtue, get hip to it. Then it was evening, & time for bourbon, Sixpoint's Sweet Action, & Doctor Who with elladorian & fordmadoxfraud. "The Time of Angels" & "Flesh and Stone" were up, & I knew that they were about two things-- River Song & The Weeping Angels. I'd read about The Weeping Angels on Wikipedia long ago, which is actually probably what started me thinking "maybe I should check this Doctor Who show out..." & they totally lived up to the hype. See, comic books? Doctor Who is able to re-use old continuity while adding to the canon! The Weeping Angels bring something to the table-- a sort of Grimm's fairytales sensibility, coupled with a sci-fi flavor, once you start tossing words like "probability field collapse" around. River Song-- well, right? Don't tell me anything! But I like the interwoven love story, especially when everyone involved in it is a total disaster. Hooray. & yes. Amy Pond. As I said before; she has so much more presence & charisma on screen than she does in stills. She's quite great. David & Maggie left & then I...may have listened to Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" a couple of times before bed. I don't think it is a cheater's anthem! Well, really I think it is a gay anthem, but that aside! It is the serial monogamist's song. If you break up with your girlfriend right away after falling for a different girl, that is like, the ethical thing to do. I mean, when the Venn diagrams touch, that is your chance. If they start overlapping, well then, the hell with you. Anyhow, so I'm addicted to that video, whatever. Deal with it. Then last night I had one of those dreams where my teeth kept falling on-- with bits of skull attached!-- but because it is such a cliche, I was able to realize I was dreaming & turn it into a lucid dream! Dreamwarrior. Today I've just been rocking it at work with a bunch of spreadsheets, & I did the fit club thing again where I climbed up the length of the building-- it turns out that it takes me five minutes & twenty seconds to climb up twenty-two flights of stairs, which is pretty okay if you ask me. Parting shot-- reading in The Onion about how hard Dan Harmon fought for the DnD episode of Community. Man, I appreciate it. You won the battle & it was for a good cause. Then on the next page, he is talking about how he writes for the show, & it really sounds exactly like how I Dungeon Master:
    DH: Yeah, definitely. I want you to be able to go back and say, “See!” three years from now. And I don’t have any definitive plans. I don’t erect statues; I erect pylons. “This marks the site.” There are plans for a whole bridge there, and those pylons are farther apart than say, an arc about Troy being good at plumbing because that’s a plan for a larger bridge that will have more traffic on it. And that’s basically all I can say, not because I’m trying to be coy, but because that’s all I really know. I just want to make sure that there’s a tree in that orchard.