April 23rd, 2011

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A Vampire Dracula!

Today is Lazy Day Part Two: The Sloth Strikes Back! at the old farmstead. Actually, yesterday shaped up kind of decently. I played a bunch of Lego Harry Potter & then got into a really good discussion about misogyny in fantasy with aslant. It...kind of sucks to be the one defending depictions of rape in fiction, though. That isn't a nice hat to wear! Kind of like being the guy defending the KKK's right to free speech. You gotta do it but ick. Yuck. After that I got myself slightly into gear & gave myself a haircut. Just the usual buzz with the clippers, nothing special. Jenny came home & we decided to go Rachel's for dinner. I stuffed myself full of enchiladas & then parted ways with my dear lady. I headed over to fordmadoxfraud & elladorian's apartment & the three of us set off for Brooklyn Social for toughlad's birthday. You know, I recommend everyone the Gowanus neighborhood. It is industrial, but that has a grim beauty to it-- maybe that is my childhood in the Wasteland talking-- & it puts you in easy walking distance of Park Slope & Carrol Gardens, while still being relatively cheap. Anyhow, James' birthday was just getting into gear when we arrived; we ran into wolvus & kromelizard outside & I held the door for them! Inside, or in short order, were skycornerless, Will, Jon & Kevin. It was a nice time, but I didn't stay too long. I talked to James outside a little bit about Oubliette & then trotted homeward. Jenny was still up & I was still wide awake; I opened a beer & she said "don't drink too much now that you are home as a reward for not drinking too much while you were out!" & I had to laugh because...well, the thought had occurred to me! It is funny to have someone who knows you. Especially when you are me. Today so far even less action than yesterday; I talked to Theresa on the computer for a bit, catching up with her, & then I ordered hot dogs from Bark. It is miserable dreary melancholy doom outside, so I just basically looked at the edges of who will deliver to me & used the weather as an excuse for staying in. They actually are really good hot dogs; I think I like them better then Willie's Dawgs. Now I'm going to play some more Lego Harry Potter-- Hermione has Crookshanks now, which means Ron is 100% superfluous. Harry can still ride a broom better than anyone, so he has some value, but it is no secret that I am Team Granger. Oh, I did watch the most recent episode of Batman: The Brave & The Bold, where Batman becomes a vampire & turns the Justice League International crew into his spawn. I liked it a lot, but...I basically think Batman should act like Dracula all the time.