March 8th, 2011

harlequin tin

Time Capsule.

(The "movie bar code" for 2001: A Space Odyssey.)

I take a lot of comfort in having a boring blog. You know, I really do, & for a lot of reasons. One of them being, hey, I really enjoy being boring. Hanging out with my wife is a thousand times better than being hungover & melodramatic. Another reason is-- well, I like to keep an eye on my media consumption. When a lot of people say that, they mean "I wish I watched less television," but I don't! I mean that I want to think critically about my information input. I like watching television; I think it is the dominant art form of Western civilization. That doesn't mean I want to ingest it pell mell, though. Same thing goes for books. They are maybe the most stable form of art in Western civilization, right? I like keeping tabs on what is influencing me, I want to be aware of my mental diet. Or, for that matter, my literal diet. Besides, I think everyone's life is boring, they just use selective reporting to make it seem interesting. Lastly, & I'll confess not least-- potential digital archeologists. Figuring out the day to day life of most cultures is a huge pain in the neck. At best, you have to figure backwards from other sources-- unless of course you get an honest diary. That can be a huge watershed. So yeah, this blog is often a mundane snapshot of white heterosexual cis male middle class urban life. You are welcome, AnthroDrone TK-421.
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