February 8th, 2011

blur shotgun


Congratulations. You have been inducted into the Assassins Guild.

Your first mission is to eliminate ██████████████

An elimination is accomplished by making a “gun” with your fingers,

Placing your index finger, the “barrel” against the body of your target, & saying “BANG.” Note that you MUST make physical contact. Simply pointing your finger gun is not acceptable.

If you successfully eliminate your target, you will be assigned THEIR target.

Someone has YOU as a target. The only way you will survive is to eliminate all the other targets. Anyone could be an assassin tasked with your elimination.

When you eliminate your target, or if you are eliminated, email ██████████████@gmail.com & give your name, whether you were killed or did the killing, & your target.

If you have any questions, contact ██████████████@gmail.com.
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Oblivion Unbound. (13)

A Book of Mostly Creatures by Allison Theus.

Claw & claw unfold.
Then part waving tentacles.
Her face behind, blinks.

Allison Theus is an artist who draws at the intersection of biology & fantasy. Let me back up a minute. You know how every so often someone asks me how I find all the neat pictures for my roleplaying campaign, & I don't really have a good answer for them? There isn't a trick; I just read lots of fashion blogs, lots of interesting tumblrs, lots of gothy art blogs, lots of hipster art blogs, & lots of geeky art blogs. Well, Allison Theus has popped at a few of the geekier blogs I read-- & you know that I mean geeky in the best possible way. I think I first spotted here on Creature Spot, but then she was mentioned as a collaborator with Brynn Metheny of FishHook Studio & for the kicked at Wizards of the Coast's Art Order. Not a bad pedigree. Mostly Creatures is a collection of sketches, presented without context-- what is the deal with the Lock? Who engineered the adaptable Common Shiro to start with? Is Zlsh her Dragonborn character? A few pieces jump out particularly-- X marks the spot, Billy Goat Gruff, "parasite adheres to dog" & a few unnamed drawings-- I especially like the things that have human faces when they shouldn't. I think her advice to herself under her piece "Reindeer" really describes Theus' style best: "Everything is better part shrimp." She mentions it later, as well, & I can't say as I disagree.

(Bacon Fu by Allison Theus.)
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