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My Parents are DEAD! (39)

Batman: Super-Villains Strike by Michael Teitelbaum.

"Flip a coin, Harvy."
The Smiling Man reeks of gas.
"Heads I win, tails..." BOOM!

I can summarize why this book is awesome in a single sentence, just by telling you what it is. Here goes. This book is a Batman Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. Or sorry, technically a Choose-Your-Fate, but you get the drift. So...that is pretty awesome, right? Though the copy-text seems a little ominous if you tilt your head. "Remember, what happens in the story happens because of the choices you make." Sounds almost like an emotionally abusive Evil Alfred. "Remember, Master Bruce, what happened to your parents happened because of the choices you made. If you hadn't decided to go to the Zorro movie, they would still be alive." Anyhow, I'm happy to report that I caught the supervillains on my first time through with no cheating! There are extra treats scattered throughout, as well-- puzzles like codes, mazes & word scrambles there to represent Batman finding clues, which can give you hints on which choices lead to dead ends. At six bucks, I think this could be a big deal; I mean, it is a Batman Choose-Your-Own-Adventure.
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