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Sith: Wedded to the Deep Black Depths of Space.

When Jenny & I were first dating, she went to NYU & lived on Union Square. When I'd come to Metropolis from the Wasteland to visit her, I had to go through her buildings security, which included a hand-scanner. One of the security guys, Sidibe, was her buddy, & I'd see him every time. I don't really have a particular story about Sidibe, but he was in my dream yesterday. It was a weird stress dream; the dream was that Jenny was waking me up in the middle of the night & telling me I had to find a twenty-four hour Indian restaurant, because we had to buy more food. More, because in the meat world we had Indian for dinner while watching Community. I asked Jenny why & she said it was because she'd seen Sidibe, & he was homeless. Not a crazy guy, but like, whatever terrible circumstances had been fallen him had left him unemployed & evicted, so she wanted to take him food, as like a thank you for being nice in college. So she wanted me to wake up, get Indian, & then "go with her to the Q train" to take it to him. & I wanted to keep sleeping! But I had to wake up before I realized it was a dream. After that I had...well, I had Star Wars dreams mixed with celebrity dreams, what can I say. I was sounds ridiculous now, but I was at like, a combination all-star formal awards event & a starbase. Actually, it isn't that crazy; backstage areas of performance venues look totally like spacestations, with all the exposed pipes & bundles of wires. & if a bunch of famous people went to the Death Star, you better believe it would be black tie. Anyhow, I was wandering around the levels, & I kept seeing co-workers & celebrities, but I was looking for...well, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Yoda. I had a "Force question" & I wanted to talk to a Jedi Master about it, but not some hack who just gamed the system for the title of "Master." There were all kinds of gift-shops all over the place, or swag bags, or whatever, & they had "Force rivalry" themed items; you know, a black "Empire" hooded sweatshirt & a grey "Rebel" hoodie, that sort of stuff. There were buttons for "Jedi" & ones for the Sith with the inscription: "Sith: Wedded to the Deep Black Depths of Space." I think the Sith had flourished & gone off to be deep space explorers, to go look at the uncaring black nothingness of space as a metaphor for their hate. I remember sliding under doors as they closed; there were lots of cycling airlocks. The most memorable performance was Space Kanye West, who pulled off a De La Guarda-esque show with wall climbing & bungie jumping. At one point, he bungie jumped into the audience, right in-between Donald Glover & Danny Pudi. To like, within centimeters of them. & then they turned & mugged for the camera. I wish I could say that then they got up & did a space opera Childish Gambino team-up with Kanye, but that didn't happen. Oh & while I am writing down dreams, before I forget! I had a dream on Tuesday about America's Next Top Model. Well, not really-- about Tyra. Me, Tyra & Cortney from college were all going through these rowhouses, looking for "treasure." & by treasure I mean, a loose video game representation of treasure, a golden translucent pixel, a glowing yellow square. The three of us were doing a live-action version of some classic game, basically collecting Mario's coins from a bunch of brownstones.
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