September 26th, 2010

harlequin tin

Alpha Complex, Level 17, Room 101.

(Cassini orbiter on approach to to Saturn's moon Enceladus.)

Friday night I was supposed to be an active camper, a blue plate shopper, but I just wasn't feeling up to it. I really should have gone to the gym, but it was all I could manage to sort of flail around the apartment miserably. I was just tired; incremental theft of hours catching up with me. I really accomplished nothing; I didn't play video games, even. Oh, I watched Batman: The Brave & the Bold-- the episodes with Starro. Some Silver Age shenanigans, which is alright by me. Mashing up Grant Morrison's space Starro with Galactus is cute, I liked it. Eventually Jenny came home from getting drinks with some co-workers, & then we separated the laundry...which was Saturday's big project. I did the laundry all by my self! I thought I could do laundry & then hit the gym but it was a much bigger task than I imagined. I spent the morning making mix CDs ("Die! Indie Die!" & "David Lynch Was Right" & "Rise of the Rat King") & then off I went. The super of my building kept trying to get me drunk, but I resisted temptation; there was a block party but I needed to focus on my Herculean labor! I did get it all sorted out, & then Jenny came home. We watched Tosh.0, which was fine, then we watched Glee which was actually pretty great. The meta parts especially. Also, j'ador Kurt & Brittany. After that, it was time to par-tay. We bought pumpkin beer (Fisherman's Pumpkin Stout, which we all agreed was rather lackluster) & went over to Amy's! I say Amy's, alone, because Omry was at work. We got there & Jordan was there; we shot the shit & then Meredith & Dan showed up, followed eventually by the tsunami of Kat, Matt, Brian, Jocelyn, & Annie. The plan was pizza & games, which eventually happened, sort of. Pizza came from Papa John's, which was weird. Papa John's! I have that maybe once every three years, I think. The game was "Loaded Questions," which I played & won before, but this time we only got about half way around the circle before throwing in the towel. Instead, it was rampant fraternization! Socializing is a thoughtcrime, & we were super genius villains of it. Jenny & I left at about midnight & came home. I had interesting dreams, but I can't remember what about. Today I've got killer allergies again, & Jenny has been in the other room reading mostly. I made some eggs & talked to Kat about "what role-playing is" online for a bit.